Hubert Vogelsinger, Ben Brewster and Paul Ingram. The beginning of the end of the Wildcats?

Lamar Hunt said about the Wildcats to Paul Ingram: “I believe you to be the youngest self made owner of a Professional Team, of all sports, in the US.”                                   Being young with less business experience might NOT have been a good thing. Perhaps it caused the beginning of the downfall of the Wildcats.

When Wildcats Super Star Ben Brewster and Hubert Vogelsinger, the new Boston NASL coach (a long time acquaintance of Ingram), came to talk with Paul Ingram about a possible move by Ben from the Wildcats to Boston, Ingram felt a dilemma. In his heart he wanted the best for Brewster, even if it meant for him to go to Boston.  Ingram admitted later, “ The decision to let Brewster go to Boston could very well have been my biggest mistake in running the Wildcats.” Part of the deal of the sale was a home game for the Wildcats against Boston, all proceeds to go to the Wildcats. This would be an historic first game of an ASL team against an NASL team with Brewster playing his first game for Boston against his old Wildcats; it had the potential for a sold out stadium.  Whether this decision to let Brewster go had very little, or a lot, to do with the downfall of the Wildcats will be in the Wildcats book.

In losing Superstar, All American, High scorer Brewster, there was the concern of becoming less competitive in pro-soccer.  To compensate for this loss, Ingram signed Louis Sebastian, a high scorer in Belgium’s highest level of pro-soccer, as well as Jan Klosek, a forward from the top Polish League in pro soccer.  This was a major change in Ingram’s “Core” principal belief; he founded the Wildcats as an “American team with American Players”. (More in the Wildcats book.)

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